Letting go

Out of all the small joys from the lonely time before they met
The thing she misses most is Kedgeree
Cooked at the weekend
The house still stinking by Wednesday

Many things changed with love
All for good
But she was still sad about his hatred of smoked fish

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Silhouettes stand stark
Twist up from the earth in lines
Figures, petrified

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Another world

Two floors up, at the top of the house
The largest room, filled with ‘stuff’
My studio
My sanctuary
Another world in my own home

Climbing those stairs
I can be going anywhere, far away
But mostly I go deep inside
Shutting everything else out

Time goes differently here at the top
That tick tock, tick tock
Those seconds that mark
Out the moments of our days
Disappear and become mute, meaningless

Lately I use only a table lamp
I crave a contained light
One that casts shadows
As if in a place of dreams

Before, I would complain
That the one small window
Only let a little light in
It did not seem to be enough

Now, I am more content with
The darkness to the right of me
And the light to one side
Casting shadows
Matching my mood
It has changed what appears
On the paper before me
Honest and true
Another world in my own home

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Sweet Peas

Fairy washing up liquid and freshly picked sweet peas
Smells from my childhood that visit the present and take me back.

Yesterday, today and thirty years ago
A memory that ties me to that time and makes a promise …
That I will never forget the sweet memories of a person so deeply missed.

Those moments of reminiscence, treasured, as if she is standing with me and watching.
Believing in me.
Delighting in me.

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This place

Welcome to my new blog – you can find an introduction to and description of this new place in my main blog here….

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text, originally uploaded by gilfling.

I wish to be wrapped in words.
Beautiful old script with its lilting and curving lines

Blotches of ink like buttons,
the lines like seams

What would the text say,
speaking of all that I am and I all that I hope to be?

For all to see, or only for me to know

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